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Stepping forward with power

  • 7 Models of heavy duty generators to choose from 6.5-12.5kw
  • Brushless maintenance free generator end
  • Minimal harmonic distortion in the wave form
  • Power by Honda and Kohler engines

Heavy duty, long life Gen-Pro portable generators

For those who want and need the very best, Gen-Pro® portable generators give you an all USA made, heavy duty generator with quality features.

Features and benefits:

  • Exclusive Kleen-Power® design allows only 6% harmonic distortion of the power sine-wave. Harmful harmonic distortions over 10% may do damage to your plugged-in electric load.
  • Exclusive “Power-Assist”™ design allows 27% more copper wire and electrical grade steel than leading competitor gen-sets. This gives you huge, extra starting power for hard starting electric motor loads.
  • Exclusive, heavy duty diodes give you “life-time” warranty from failure of the most commonly replaced part on other generator sets.
  • Exclusive, heavy duty capacitor gives you “life-time” warranty from failure of the second most commonly replaced part on other generator sets.
  • Exclusive, automatic load balance eliminates load chatter and excessive vibration due to unbalanced electric loads.
  • “Magnetic” circuit breakers automatically protect windings from overloads and “short circuited” electric loads.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) receptacle helps protect operator from electric shock and provides osha/nec compliance on the construction job-site.
  • Run time meter totals the hours of run time for service or rental use.
  • Over-head valve engine gives you 20% smaller and lighter weight, than less efficient side valve engines. Ohv design also reduces fuel and oil consumption by 40%, gives you up to 10% more torque, has internal balancing for smooth operation and eliminates the need to constantly de-carbon engine cylinder head.
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeve gives you longer engine life than standard side valve aluminum engines.
  • Automatic oil sensor protects your engine from low oil and automatically stops engine before damage happens.
  • Solid state ignition allows trouble-free operation with no points or condenser to replace.
  • 2-Element heavy duty air cleaner adds major additional engine life by trapping more dust and dirt.
  • Rope-recoil starting is easy and simple with its unique automatic compression release starting.
  • Long lasting metal fuel tank with filter, valve and fuel gauge, 4 Gallon on 5.5 Kw to 7.5 Kw sets, and 8 gallon on 12.5 Kw
  • Cobalt exhaust valve and seat adds major additional service life hours. (Honda)
  • Separate spin-on oil filter and full pressure oil lubrication for longer life. (12.5 Kw)


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