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Tier 4 Final Prime Diesel / T4D-2000

  • All generator sets are USA prototype built and thoroughly tested. Production models are USA factory built and 100% load tested.
  • All generators are UL-1446
  • Solid state, frequency compensated voltage regulation is standard.
  • Electronic engine governor for precise isochronous frequency regulation.
  • Basler DGC-2020 digital controller allows programming to basic engine functions in the field. Controller has stop-manual-auto mode and engine shutdowns, signaled by full text LCD indicators.
  • Heavy Duty 100%-125% rated Circuit Breaker is standard on all gen-sets.
  • All generator set control systems components and accessories provide a 1-year limited warranty at time of initial start-up. Generators and engines are governed by separate warranties.
  • “OPEN” Generator Sets: There is no enclosure, so gen-set must be placed within a weather protected area, un-inhabited by humans or animals, with proper ventilation. Silencer is not supplied, as installation requirements are not known. However, it is available as optional equipment.
  • “LEVEL 2” Aluminum Housing: Full weather protection and superior sound attenuation for specific low noise applications. Residential grade silencer is standard.

Gillette Generators